Stay True

When you start being you 1000%, there will be people who don’t like you for any reason, there will be people who envy you, there will be people who just hate that you don’t act a certain way or fit what they think you should be. There will also bring some of the most loyal people to your life that is for you. We live in a world of followers and imitators. Well when you try and be like someone else then you won’t get what’s meant for you, you’ll get what that other person is getting and still not be fulfilled. You’ll question why certain people in your life is doing you bad or just not being real with you. Will it’s because you’re showing them another person that they were supposed to meet instead of showing the real you. So they just aren’t meant for you. Life has ways of putting people in your life for certain periods of time then taking them away. Lessons are learned. Being true to you will bring people who were meant to be in your life. So before you start to ask why these people aren’t good for you take a look in the mirror and ask yourself are you “staying true” to yourself…


About Timothy

Hello Everyone Im 27. I served In The Us Navy. I Love To Help People In All Aspects Of Life. Im An Entrepreneur Trying New Things All The Time. Im A Student Working On My BA In IT Security. I Love Computers. I Also Love To Help People Who Want To Get Back In Shape And/Or Lose Weight. I Love Overall Good Health, And I Will Do Everything I Can To Make Sure You Reach Your Goal!!! Entrepreneurship Is The Next Big Thing In Building Wealth, Join Me In Wealth Building!!!
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