We the people of the United States of America live in a world where you’re taught to go to school and conform to the way society wants you to be. They want you to think that what you see on TV and social media is real life. We also live in a world where it is possible to be anything you want to be. We as a human being with ambition can do great things, but not many people actually go after what they really want because of fear that others will judge them for simply going in a different direction than the masses. We also depends on others to help us like friends, family and even politicians i.e. the president which actually does not control much of anything. We put our votes in a ballad to go to a group of people so they can place their votes on our behalf simply because they didn’t trust us to make the right choice “talk about limits right”. They feared that someone that they don’t think is “qualified” to be president would gain power over them. Anyone atleast 35 and born in the U.S. is qualified to run. So there is really no reason for an Electoral College except to make sure that the handpicked candidate wins. Let’s be honest not many people knew who Obama was before he became a candidate. He is awesome in my opinion but still just saying. Limits are made up excuses that we tell ourselves to justify why we aren’t doing something great. Do not be afraid because we all have the power to change our lives and this country stop relying on someone you’ll PROBABLY never meet to do, because it just won’t happen. Robert Kahn and Vinton Cerf invented the Internet neither of which were a president. Charles Babbage designed today’s first modern computer still he wasn’t a president. I could go on but those 3 people alone made it so that we even have a Facebook or a Google which as you see is 2 main focuses of today’s world information in an instant. See regular citizens can change the world. I’m a firm believer of “if you don’t like something change it”. Only we can change our country, but we must get out of this “Deception” that has been imprinted in our minds.


About Timothy

Hello Everyone Im 27. I served In The Us Navy. I Love To Help People In All Aspects Of Life. Im An Entrepreneur Trying New Things All The Time. Im A Student Working On My BA In IT Security. I Love Computers. I Also Love To Help People Who Want To Get Back In Shape And/Or Lose Weight. I Love Overall Good Health, And I Will Do Everything I Can To Make Sure You Reach Your Goal!!! Entrepreneurship Is The Next Big Thing In Building Wealth, Join Me In Wealth Building!!!
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