R.I.P To The 40 Year Plan

   First off let me start by saying “r.i.p” to the “40 year plan” you know where you work at a job for 40 years, 40 hours a week, and hope to retire on 40% of your hard earned income. Now that I got that out the way because no one is working at the same place for 40 years anymore some barely last 40 hours. The amount of people who are ok with being told they can’t build a business is just rediculous like the person you work for didn’t have to build it up and make it successful. If you are on the edge of wanting to start your own company 2 words “do it”. Of course you will have sleepless nights, stressful days, long weeks, and so forth, but there is not one business owner that will tell you they did it overnight. It will take some time to build to something big and as long as you take the necessary steps you will make it. Yes u will mess up from time to time but you learn and move on. People give up on themselves so fast, because they spent so long listening to other people who have never even tried to do it tell them that it can’t be done or its too hard. People need to think for themselves and do what makes you happy follow your passion and you’ll be just fine. “Someone’s opinion of you does not have to become your reality”. Go for it and go all in!


About Timothy

Hello Everyone Im 27. I served In The Us Navy. I Love To Help People In All Aspects Of Life. Im An Entrepreneur Trying New Things All The Time. Im A Student Working On My BA In IT Security. I Love Computers. I Also Love To Help People Who Want To Get Back In Shape And/Or Lose Weight. I Love Overall Good Health, And I Will Do Everything I Can To Make Sure You Reach Your Goal!!! Entrepreneurship Is The Next Big Thing In Building Wealth, Join Me In Wealth Building!!! www.getpaid365.info www.beachbodycoach.com/tim2intense
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6 Responses to R.I.P To The 40 Year Plan

  1. themrrodge says:

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