It Could Be Easy

Something I see alot of is that people have multiple jobs 2-3 jobs. Why you ask and they say because they are hustling or jobs #1&2 don’t pay enough. Ok both are good reasons no problem with it, but why not just start a small business put forth the same type of effort and that just may work out in your favor. Plus you pay taxes on all 3 jobs so money wise it’s still not all that attractive. If you really think about it multiple jobs take up so much time in your life and time is something you can’t get back. People seem to be ok with that lifestyle and it seems to be glorified. I believe that’s why people are so reluctant to start a business. It’s simply because lack of support. Another thing is people say you don’t make money right away or an investment is needed forgetting that when you go get a job you wait 1-3 weeks before even getting paid, but you have to pay for gas to get there, uniform clothing to wear (in certain professions), plus again the most valuable investment which is your time. Most people aren’t even happy where they work anyway. So why not find something you love and make money doing it. For everyone that says it can’t be done look at the musicians that made it they didn’t take no for an answer or all the athletes they made a living doing what they love. Life could be easier if you just changed your thinking. Stop only thinking about what could go wrong and focus on what can go right. “It could be easy, but the smallest little things you make so hard”. “Live life” don’t just “earn a living”!


About Timothy

Hello Everyone Im 27. I served In The Us Navy. I Love To Help People In All Aspects Of Life. Im An Entrepreneur Trying New Things All The Time. Im A Student Working On My BA In IT Security. I Love Computers. I Also Love To Help People Who Want To Get Back In Shape And/Or Lose Weight. I Love Overall Good Health, And I Will Do Everything I Can To Make Sure You Reach Your Goal!!! Entrepreneurship Is The Next Big Thing In Building Wealth, Join Me In Wealth Building!!!
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7 Responses to It Could Be Easy

  1. themrrodge says:

    I agree with you to an extent. Yes, we should look at ways to make money outside of being employed for someone else. You give the examples of entertainers and athletes doing what they love. Honestly, those that make it big have God given talent; also, those are high profile examples. What are some examples that everyday people could do to make it on their own?

    • Timothy says:

      Focus on what you’re good at and find ways to make money doing it. Entertainers and athletes are everyday people who practiced hours and hours to get that good. All talents fade if you don’t maintain them.

      • themrrodge says:

        I think it takes time for many of us to find those talents because they may not be as obvious or as notable as athletes and entertainers. Yes, athletes and entertainers who make it big must practice to hone their talents, but many of them or blessed with unique abilities that they are able to develop if they put forth effort. People can have a knack for art, repairing, care taking, teaching, organizing, etc. We have to help people know those are all talents which you can use to start your own business, etc.

      • Timothy says:

        People often discredit themselves and lack self confidence. I just like to share my thoughts in hopes that it will help atleast one person decide to strive for more in life.

    • Timothy says:

      Everyone was placed on earth to be something great.

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