Stay True

When you start being you 1000%, there will be people who don’t like you for any reason, there will be people who envy you, there will be people who just hate that you don’t act a certain way or fit what they think you should be. There will also bring some of the most loyal people to your life that is for you. We live in a world of followers and imitators. Well when you try and be like someone else then you won’t get what’s meant for you, you’ll get what that other person is getting and still not be fulfilled. You’ll question why certain people in your life is doing you bad or just not being real with you. Will it’s because you’re showing them another person that they were supposed to meet instead of showing the real you. So they just aren’t meant for you. Life has ways of putting people in your life for certain periods of time then taking them away. Lessons are learned. Being true to you will bring people who were meant to be in your life. So before you start to ask why these people aren’t good for you take a look in the mirror and ask yourself are you “staying true” to yourself…

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We the people of the United States of America live in a world where you’re taught to go to school and conform to the way society wants you to be. They want you to think that what you see on TV and social media is real life. We also live in a world where it is possible to be anything you want to be. We as a human being with ambition can do great things, but not many people actually go after what they really want because of fear that others will judge them for simply going in a different direction than the masses. We also depends on others to help us like friends, family and even politicians i.e. the president which actually does not control much of anything. We put our votes in a ballad to go to a group of people so they can place their votes on our behalf simply because they didn’t trust us to make the right choice “talk about limits right”. They feared that someone that they don’t think is “qualified” to be president would gain power over them. Anyone atleast 35 and born in the U.S. is qualified to run. So there is really no reason for an Electoral College except to make sure that the handpicked candidate wins. Let’s be honest not many people knew who Obama was before he became a candidate. He is awesome in my opinion but still just saying. Limits are made up excuses that we tell ourselves to justify why we aren’t doing something great. Do not be afraid because we all have the power to change our lives and this country stop relying on someone you’ll PROBABLY never meet to do, because it just won’t happen. Robert Kahn and Vinton Cerf invented the Internet neither of which were a president. Charles Babbage designed today’s first modern computer still he wasn’t a president. I could go on but those 3 people alone made it so that we even have a Facebook or a Google which as you see is 2 main focuses of today’s world information in an instant. See regular citizens can change the world. I’m a firm believer of “if you don’t like something change it”. Only we can change our country, but we must get out of this “Deception” that has been imprinted in our minds.

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Stop Complaining

People love to complain about something being the reason that they are behind. Well the only true rain is you! People have often said “well if I had this much money, then I’d do this or I’d do that” but when they get money they go buy shoes or clothes. People love to make excuses I understand they are easier to come up with than actually doing something. There is that saying ” It’s easier said than done” well yea if all u do is talk. You must show action, don’t just complain about something and never get up off your butt to do anything to change it. Most people do and say things just for attention these days, not to make a difference. I’ve written a piece on modern day slavery since people seriously blame slavery for the reason they are behind today. Well everyone has a choice now and guess what 97% choose to be “slaves” these days including the ones who talk about our past. The top one percent just got smarter, hmmmm they pay you a least as they can get away with, tell you when you have to be there, when u can take a break, and when u can leave. If u don’t show up they penalize you in the form if taking away money or firing you, which means you won’t have the funds to post rent or get food. You have to wear certain types of clothing hmmmm sound familiar lol. So before you go complaining while you at “work” thank about it and say what can I do to change it, because complaining has never done anything but waste time and energy! “Stop complaining and start doing”

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Life is Like The Stock Market

“Life is like the stock market” you will have your highs and everyone is cool with that. You’re in that moment in which you feel invincible and at that moment you may very well be just that. But then just like stocks fall so can your quality of life to the point in which you are just ready to give up and like most investors do at that moment is sell and get out. Just because your life may not be going right for the moment does not mean you give up and just quit on yourself. Life has its ups and downs and the ones who remain on top are the ones who didn’t quit when it got hard when you are at that low point. Take notes on what happened for you to get to the bottom so you know what not to do next time whether it be people, jobs, or just bad decisions. Take notes so that you won’t take anymore losses, but never give up, because just like the stock market greatness in your life will rise again!

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Just Decide

The first step to completing any of your goals is to DECIDE, just decide that you are going to do it. Look at yourself in the mirror and just tell yourself that today is the day to start on you. I don’t care if every mirror you pass you stop to tell yourself to keep going, because if you aren’t successful the only person you can blame is you. Who cares what others may think about you and what you want to do. Just because they aren’t trying to do anything other than what they been doing, they want to rain down on your parade and say it can’t be done, you should reply with “no you can’t do it” there is a difference. Do not let any surrounding circumstances limit your ability to chase after your goals. So everyday you wake up you must DECIDE to do what you want. If you have kids use them as motivation, don’t use them as an excuse! The time is there for u put forth the work in, you just have to use it! Remember to just DECIDE is the first step, so just DECIDE and you’ll be better off! DECIDE!!!!!

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It Could Be Easy

Something I see alot of is that people have multiple jobs 2-3 jobs. Why you ask and they say because they are hustling or jobs #1&2 don’t pay enough. Ok both are good reasons no problem with it, but why not just start a small business put forth the same type of effort and that just may work out in your favor. Plus you pay taxes on all 3 jobs so money wise it’s still not all that attractive. If you really think about it multiple jobs take up so much time in your life and time is something you can’t get back. People seem to be ok with that lifestyle and it seems to be glorified. I believe that’s why people are so reluctant to start a business. It’s simply because lack of support. Another thing is people say you don’t make money right away or an investment is needed forgetting that when you go get a job you wait 1-3 weeks before even getting paid, but you have to pay for gas to get there, uniform clothing to wear (in certain professions), plus again the most valuable investment which is your time. Most people aren’t even happy where they work anyway. So why not find something you love and make money doing it. For everyone that says it can’t be done look at the musicians that made it they didn’t take no for an answer or all the athletes they made a living doing what they love. Life could be easier if you just changed your thinking. Stop only thinking about what could go wrong and focus on what can go right. “It could be easy, but the smallest little things you make so hard”. “Live life” don’t just “earn a living”!

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Be Better

It’s a shame alot of these kids will grow up thinking because they can buy shoes and watches that they are successful. Too much money is being spent and not enough invested. I’m not exempt I use to splurge every chance u got, but once I realized that material things get old, break, really don’t hold value then I started to think more and use my head. I have kids now and I use to ask the question why schools don’t teach finances it’s not only because it’s set up to teach you to follow others but also in my opinion it places the responsibility on us parents to want to learn it ourselves so we can teach our children. Most people don’t realize that the biggest difference between the wealthy and powerful and the rest of us is what we choose to put our attention on. We must take responsibility for our actions and teach life and money to our children. Don’t wait for someone else to do it because it’s not their job. We all want our children to do better in life than we did but not many actually do what needs to be done to make it possible. We all have access to information that could help us grow we just have to seek it…..

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